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Here is an example of an effective social media campaign experiment that we conducted here at FerusMedia. Through social media you can connect with a wide range of audiences from all over the world with a variety of needs and wants. Since shoppers tend to be more honest about their personal needs online so communicating through social media it is a great tactic to learn about your customer. The purpose of this campaign was to raise awareness and funding for the Kingston Humane Society, while generating more “likes” on Facebook for FerusMedia. We launched our first social media campaign on September 20th, 2012:

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Attention Ferus friends! For every new like on the FerusMedia Facebook page from now until October 1st 2012. We will donate $2 to the Kingston Humane Society. Please share this post and together let’s help our communities animals in need!

By September 21st, 2012 we had 19 new likes and within the five minutes it took to make the first donation to KHS, another 8 “likes” had come through. The first day of this social media campaign was incredibly successful, and as a way to thank all previous FerusMedia Facebook supporters we donated 33¢ for every pre-existing “like”.

AAs of September 21st our Facebook data analytics estimated that our posts had reached1,816 people and by September 26th it had increased to 1,974. By September 29th FerusMedia was able to generate 42 new Facebook “likes”, and donated $130 to our furry friends at the Kingston Humane Society.