When designing your logo you should consider this

A logo is what makes your brand instantly recognizable. Think of how easily today’s consumer can identify popular logos in the media. Your logo should represent your company while being easily identifiable among competition. Consider the following when designing your logo:


Your logo does not have to be an elevator pitch. Instead, the symbolism should be clear and concise while displaying the core values of your company. Aim for originality and create a piece that is unique which will attract your ideal audience.

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Size and Ratios

Consider how your logo will visually look through various marketing channels. This includes business cards, social media, clothing, etc. Create a piece that is flexible for any medium, and pay close attention to detail. Make sure your logo is not intensely detailed so that it is still legible when minimized.

Target Market

You need to be aware of who your ideal audience is and what problem you are solving for them. How can you best convey your product or services to this audience with your imagery? To create an effective logo, align your consumers purchasing preferences with your brands offerings in one clear, concise image.


Consistency is key when it comes to brand recognition. The top brands in the world have made incredibly minor changes to their logo and branding throughout their lifespan, called “just noticeable differences”. Campbell’s soup logo is a great example of this, remaining virtually the same for decades with small changes that are barely noticed by consumers.